Dean~Sinclair has always maintained strict rules in protecting the confidential information, including personal information, of our clients and employees. We are committed to protecting the privacy of this information and, to maintain your trust, have developed a privacy policy to ensure we only use your information as is required.

Personal information is any information that can distinguish or identify a specific individual including facts about, or related to, the individual.

Personal information gathered by us is kept in strict confidence and all our team members abide by our professional rules of confidentiality. Personal information is collected, used or disclosed only for the purpose of the completion of our engagement. No information will be collected, used or disclosed for any other purpose without our clients’ consent.

We use password protocols and encryption software to protect information that is required to be filed electronically and our software is continually updated to maximize protection of such information. Information in paper format is maintained in secure locations and protected from unauthorized access.

Clients may contact us at any time to enquire as to the details of their personal information on file and amend it if necessary.

Questions, concerns or complaints relating to the treatment of personal information should be e-mailed to Rod Sinclair, CPA, CA at or by telephone.