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Important Dates

February 28 – Due date for the filing of T4, T4A and T5 information slips.

March 1 – Last day you can contribute to a RRSP for the previous tax year.

March 15, June 15, September 15, December 15 – Due dates for individuals who are required to make instalment payments to CRA.  The CRA sends out the instalment reminders twice a year – in February for the March and June payments, and in August for the September and December payments.

20th of each month – The Canada Child Benefit (CCB), which is a benefit available for families with children under 18. The amount you receive depends on the number of children you have and your net family income.

April 5, July 5, October 5, January 5 – If eligible, you should receive the quarterly HST credit around these dates.

April 30 – Generally your personal tax return is due on or before April 30. If you or your spouse earns self-employment income, your tax return can be filed by June 15, but any taxes must be paid by April 30.  Note that even if you’re expecting a refund, the CRA warns that being late with the forms could delay some other payments such as the HST credit or Old Age Security benefits.

June 15 – Last day for filing tax returns for the prior year if you or your spouse/partner carried on a business.   But if you have a balance owing, you still have to pay it on or before April 30 or interest charges will apply.

December 31 – If you were born in 1940, December 31, 2011 is the last day you can contribute to your own RRSP.  Your RRSP will mature and the funds in the plan must be removed.  However, if you still have unused RRSP contribution room or will continue to generate earned income you may still be able to make RRSP contributions to a spousal RRSP.